Deep Linking

1. Introduction

This documentation describes the Innstant API interface, which allows partners to get the rates and availability in order to display the information on their properties and send traffic to whitelabel sites via deep links. The documentation is intended for individuals who are experienced with programming in the Internet environment.
Due to technological advancements in the e-commerce field and ongoing enhancements to the platform, this documentation is subject to change. Tags may be added and the order of existing tags may be changed during version updates.
In future changes, we will do our utmost to maintain backward compatibility with previous specifications. Backward compatibility implies that all existing tags and their level will be maintained. This documentation will be updated as required and redistributed to relevant parties.

2. Affiliate Key
In order to associate your traffic you will need to receive a unique affiliate key. Contact you account manager in order to get one.

3. Building the Link

The base URL to send the user to is:

The "Whitelabl-domain" is your Innstant whitelabel domain name which is set up on the Innstant system and associated with your account
The language is a 2 letter ISO language code, see Lookups for a list of supported languages

3.1 Variables for Hotels

 VariableType Cotent 
 product StringHotel
 subtype String Location or Property
 id Int In case of subtype=Location the Id will be the city id, in case of Property the hotel id 
 startdate Date YYYY-MM-DD 
 enddate Date YYYY-MM-DD 
 rooms Structure See below 
 currency Currency 3 letter currency ISO code 
 key String Your affiliate key 

3.1.1 Rooms

Building the rooms string requires getting the number of guests for each room, and in case of children ­ their ages as well.
To specify the number of adults, use the following syntax: adults.[number]
To specify the composition of children, use the following syntax: children.[age]­[age]...­[age]
The separator between adults and children is the pipe character (|)
Rooms are separated by the comma character (,)

1 room with 2 adults: adults.2
1 room with 3 adults and 2 children ages 7 and 9: adults.3|children.7­-9
2 room, one with 2 adults and 1 child age 5, and one with 1 adult: adults.2|children.5,adults.1
3 room, one with 2 adults and 1 child age 5, and one with 1 adult, one with 3 adults and 3 children ages 3, 7, and 14: adults.2|children.5,adults.1,adults.3|children.3­-7-­14

4. Putting it all together

The URL created from the above instructions will lead the user to an intermediate page, and after a verification process to make sure that the traffic is legitimate it will be sent to the destination page.
An example of a complete URL for a destination search in London between December 28th 2015 and January 3rd 2016 for 2 adults and am8 year old child will look like this:|children.8&currency=EUR&key=1234