4. Booking Flow

The booking flow is as follows:
  1. First thing you need to make sure you ran the booking information request
  2. Once your client acknowledged all the details on the booking information response, you can run a booking request
  3. If the booking request returned a "confirmed" booking status - you're all done, no need to continue reading this
  4. Sometimes, there is a change in the room price between the time of the search and the time of the actual booking. in this case, you can do one of the two options below:
    1. fail the booking and stop the flow, nothing happened, nothing was booked
    2. ask your user if they accept the new price. if they don't - do nothing. if they do - run a confirmation call and check for the booking response
  5. In some cases, the hotels will return a pending (on request) status. in this case you will need to run a status query every 20 minutes or so to check if the status was changed by the hotel or not. if it was changed - good. if not - keep checking
  6. In other cases, there was an error during the booking process. in this case, you are advised to contact support and verify your booking status