2. Request Rooms

Once the search has been initiated, it is possible to get the rooms by using the following call:
request rooms request
<request version="4.0">
  <hotel-rooms session="dv.Uw8IU6CsA" id="4762"/>
 Parameter Type Comments
 hotel-rooms @session stringthe session id as returned by the search initialize response
 hotel-rooms @id int the identifier of the desired entity

request rooms response

<response success="1" session="dv.Uw8IU6CsA">
  <job status="done"/>
  <result id="4762">
      <combination onrequest="0" price="611.16" currency="USD" commissionable="1" billable="1" board="RO">
          <room resultid="dv.Uw8JnP3oA" count="2"/>
          <frame endTime="2014-02-26 13:35:34" timezone="UTC" type="non-refundable"/>
      <room resultid="dv.Uw8JnP3oA" onrequest="0" minquantity="2" maxquantity="2" commissionable="1" payAtTheHotel="0" billable="1" packageRate="1">
        <name>Superior Room, 1 King Bed</name>
        <board code="RO">Room Only</board>
        <price currency="USD">611.16</price>
        <allowed-price currency="USD">661.562</allowed-price>
          <frame endTime="2014-02-26 13:35:34" timezone="UTC" type="non-refundable"/>
      <room resultid="dv.Uw8JnSUkA" onrequest="0" minquantity="2" maxquantity="2" commissionable="1" payAtTheHotel="0" billable="1">
        <name>Superior Room, 2 Double Beds</name>
        <board code="RO">Room Only</board>
        <price currency="USD">699.567</price>
        <allowed-price currency="USD">757.372</allowed-price>
          <frame endTime="2014-02-26 13:35:34" timezone="UTC" type="non-refundable"/>
            <title><![CDATA[Special Discount]]></title>
            <description><![CDATA[Unique discount price for beautiful clients only]]></description>
 Parameter Type Comments
job @status stringworking/done
combinationsnodesame structure as the destination search response, except this time there are "room" nodes. see note #1 below
combination/rooms/room @resultidstringthe result id to be used to book the room 
combination/rooms/room @countint how many of the same room types are available
room @resultidstring the result id to be used to book the room 
room @onrequestboolean is the room on immediate confirmation (0) or on request (1)
room @ payAtTheHotelboolean is the room payable at the hotel (1) or pre-paid 
room @billableboolean is the room a direct provider (0) or by innstant (1)
room @minquantityintminimum number of rooms that can be booked with the current token
room @maxquantityint maximum number of rooms that can be booked with the current token
room @packageRateboolean Is the room rate a package rate 
room/namenode The name of the room 
room/board @codeboard code2 letter normalized board code
room/boardnodeboard description
room/price @currencycurrency 3 letter ISO code 
room/pricenode the price of the room 
allowed-price @currencycurrency3 letter ISO code
allowed-pricenodethe minimum B2C price allowed
paxnodeadults/children structure
providernodeprovider name
cancellationnodesee cancellation policy section. see remark #4 below
special-deal / titlenode the title of the special deal available for the specific room 
special-deal / descriptionnode the full description of the special deal 
  1. In case our system cannot build combinations, no combination nodes will be returned
  2. In order to get the room category in the response, you will need to send a special filter in the search request. the category will be returned as a node called "category"
  3. The special-deals node will be returned only if there are special deals for this property
  4. In case no "cancellation" node is returned it means that the cancellation policy is unknown at this stage. you can run a booking-info request to get the final cancellation policy for the specific room result. NOTE: it is forbidden to automatically run booking-info requests for all or some of the room results, the request should only be sent when triggered manually by the user.
  5. In case the room rate is a package rate it CANNOT be sold without a significant other component