3. Booking

Poll Request
<request version="4.0">
  <flights-book session="dv.UpX7Bz0osA" clientRef="12345" customerCountryCode="IL">
      <firstName>Test Firstname</firstName>
      <lastName>Test Lastname</lastName>
      <phone type="home">044-772344066</phone>
      <phone type="mobile">044-545966911</phone>
      <address>123 main st.</address>
    <result token="dv.1210273893">
        <outbound id="0"/>
        <inbound id="1"/>

Parameter Type Comments
flights-book @sessionstringthe session id of the requested search
flights-book @clientRefstringthe identifier you wish to give to this booking
flights-book @customerCountryCodecountry code2 letter ISO country code of the country the customer have a passport from 
customernode customer details, pretty self explanatory 
result @tokenstring the token of the result you wish to book 
result/connections/outbound @idintthe outbound id of the flight connection
result/connections/inbound @idintthe inbound id of the flight connection 
pax-group/paxnode travelling pax details
pax-group/pax/titletitle see lookups for title codes 
pax-group/pax/dateOfBirthdateformat: YYYY-MM-DD

Booking Response
<response success="1" session="dv.1210273891">
  <reservation id="dv.1209451331" status="confirmed" clientReference="12345">
    <item id="1" status="confirmed" token="">
      <source provider="Innstant">
      <booking billable="0">
        <price amount="967.95" currency="EUR"/>
Parameter Type Comments
reservation @idstringthe reservation id of the booking
reservation @statusstringthe status of the booking
reservation @clientReferencestringyour reference as passed to the booking request
reservation/item @idint the item id being booked
reservation/item @statusstring the status of each item in the booking
item/source @providerstringwho is the provider of the product
item/source/referencestringthe booking reference on the provider system
item/booking @billableboolean is the booking made on a direct provider
booking/price @amountdoublethe price payable for this booking
booking/price @currencycurrency code3 letter currency ISO code

Note: It is mandatory to validate each item status in case some items are not confirmed