2. Times

Request times

After you get the results with the initial prices, you can get the event times using the following method. For a description of the flow, please revert to section 3: Search Flow
<request version="4.0">
  <event-times session="dv.12345" id="5050"/>

Parameter Type Comments
event-times @sessionstringthe session id of the requested search
event-times @idintthe id of the required event


<response success="1" session="m1.U3HpTVUysA">
  <event id="31503">
    <option token="MzE1MDMgMjAxNC0wNi0wOQ==" date="2014-06-09" time="19:00">
      <price currency="USD" final="0" minCommissionablePrice="462.24" />

Parameter Type Comments
event @idintthe session id of the requested search
option @tokenstringthe token of the option

option @datedateYYYY-mm-dd format of the date of the current option
option @timetimeHH:mm format of the time of the current option
pricenode see search for node format 
1. the time attribute is optional in case of a full-day event