3. Info

Request times

After you get the results with the initial prices, you can get the event times using the following method. For a description of the flow, please revert to section 3: Search Flow
<request version="4.0">
  <event-booking-info session="dv.12345" token="MzE1MDMgMjAxNC0wNi0wOQ==" />

Parameter Type Comments
event-times @sessionstringthe session id of the requested search
event-times @tokenstringthe token of the required event option


<response success="1" session="dv.12345">
  <event id="31503" date="2014-07-19" />
  <booking-options count="1">
    <booking-option token="m1.U3HpZ7o1UA" quantities="4">
      <price amount="462.24" currency="USD" billable="1" commissionable="1" on-request="0" provider="innstanttravel-b2b" surcharge="0" />
        <frame endTime="1979-12-30 00:00:00" timezone="UTC" type="non-refundable" />
        <frame endTime="2014-06-09 00:00:00" timezone="UTC" type="partial">
          <cost amount="462.24" currency="USD" />
        <![CDATA[Veranda Ticket]]>
        <dispatch-option token="m1.U3HpZ0KYA" type="collect" fee="0" currency="USD">
          <![CDATA[This option allows customers to collect their tickets on arrival to the theatre.]]>
        <extra-product token="dv.4716375844" mandatory="1" min-quantity="1">
          <price amount="11.785468996207" currency="USD"/>
          <name><![CDATA[ BIG BAG ]]></name>
          <description><![CDATA[ something for your stuf ]]></description>
        <field code="57862">
            <![CDATA[Text Addition]]>
            <![CDATA[Contact number including country code]]>
Parameter Type Comments
event @idstringthe id of the requested event
event @datedate YYYY-MM-DD 
booking-optionnode possible ticket types 
booking-option @tokenstring the token for the specific booking option
booking-option/price @amountfloat the price for the specific option 
booking-option/price @currencycurrency 3 letter ISO currency code 
booking-option @billableboolean is the option coming from a direct provider
booking-option/price @commissionableboolean can a commission be added to the price
booking-option/price @providerstring the name of the provider the option is coming from 
booking-option/price @surchargefloata surcharge to be added to the "amount" attribute 
booking-option/cancellationnode cancellation terms 
booking-option/seat-descriptionnode the description of the ticket option seating 
booking-option/dispatch-optionsnode the different dispatch options of the ticket to the user 
dispatch-option @tokenstring the token of the specific dispatch option 
dispatch-option @typestring the type of the specific dispatch option 
dispatch-option @feefloat the price of the specific dispatch option, 0 is free 
dispatch-option @currencycurrency 3 letter ISO currency code 
dispatch-optionnode the description of the dispatch option 
extra-productnodeextra products available for this booking 
extra-product @mandatoryboolean is the extra product mandatory in order to make the booking 
extra-product @min-quantityint the minimum quantity that must be booked of this product 
special-request-fieldsnodea collection of mandatory fields to be sent on the booking request 
field @codestring the id of the specific field 
field/titlestring the title of the special request field 
field/descriptionstring the description of the special request field 
1. The final price of the ticket is comprised of the booking-option amount, the booking-option surcharge, and the dispatch-option fee
2. dispatch-option @type may be: "post", "collect" or "print"
3. it is mandatory to display all special  request fields with a text input for the user to fill them out during the booking process
4. if special-request-fields/field @code="__NOTFINAL" this means that the location and dates of the event are not final and are subject to change