1. Search

The main information required for the search is the destination, layovers (if any), the dates, and the pax.
<request version="4.0">
    <insurances-search entityType="terminal" entityID="AMS">
        <dates from="2015-11-05" to="2015-11-09" />
        <pax-group customerCountryCode="FR">
                <adults count="2" />
                <children count="2">
        <currencies default="EUR">
            <currency code="EUR" />
            <currency code="GBP" />
            <currency code="USD" />

Parameter Type Comments
insurances-search @entityTypestringcurrently "terminal"
insurances-search @entityIDstring3 letter IATA terminal code of the destination terminal
outboundTerminals/terminalstring3 letter IATA terminal code of the departure terminal
dates @fromdate YYYY-MM-DD
dates @to date YYYY-MM-DD