Static data

The static data can be downloaded from this address:
It is updated every Saturday night and consists of 6 XML files:
  • cities.xml
  • hotels.xml
  • facilities.xml
  • descriptions.xml
  • images.xml
  • events.xml
Make sure to download this file at least every 3 weeks and update your feed, as more properties and destinations are being added and details are being updated constantly.
1. cities.xml structure

2. hotels.xml structure

3. facilities.xml structure

4. descriptions.xml structure

5. images.xml structure
<Mishor version='3.24' exportDate='20161018' type='images'>
  <image ismain="1" sml="1" med="0" big="0"><hotelid>1</hotelid><title><![CDATA[Outside 3]]></title><url>0/0/14.jpg</url></image>
  <image ismain="0" sml="1" med="1" big="1"><hotelid>868</hotelid><title><![CDATA[Big]]></title><url>51/332/5133257.jpg</url></image>
<image ismain="0" sml="1" med="1" big="1"><hotelid>868</hotelid><title><![CDATA[Big]]></title><url>51/332/51332352.jpg</url></image>
<image ismain="0" sml="1" med="1" big="1"><hotelid>868</hotelid><title><![CDATA[Big]]></title><url>51/332/51332347.jpg</url></image>
Building the URL for each image:
Take the domain from /Mishor/general/domain and add the desired size and url from each image node.
for example:
Note that images come in different sizes, so check the @sml, @med, @big attributes on the image node to see which sizes you have available.

6. events.xml structure